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Armored cars provide more than security from dangerous people, they also provide the peace of mind that you need to live a normal life in some of the planet's most abnormal places.

Resellers of New Armored Cars

CAV (Custom Armored Vehicles)

Custom Armored Vehicles is currently one of the largest providers of armored passenger vehicles in the world. We are dedicated to the protection of corporate executives, government officials, and diplomats. Our armored sedans, limousines, four-wheel drive, and other vehicles have been protecting the lives of clients throughout the world for three decades.

Alpine Armoring

Alpine is a leading supplier and manufacturer of varieties of new and used armored vehicles and armored cars to clients in US and other countries ranging from financial institutions (private, commercial and central banks) to governments, corporate executives, police and military organizations

Armet Armored Vehicle

British/American/Canadian manufacturer of armored cars

Armour of America

Vehicle armor for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, patrol boats, ships, building and military vehicles.

Black Armor

American manufacturer of armored cars

Alpha Armouring

Armored car dealer in Panzerung Germany

First Defence

First Defense has, in a few short years, become a leader in the armored car industry in the United States and regularly challenges the traditional leaders in the world markets. First Defense management can boast of a combined experience in the armor industry of more than fifty years.The Company has recently doubled its production capacity and counts among its customers: Governments, multi-nationals, VIPs, politicians and private individuals in Latin America, Europe, Eastern Europe and The Middle East. First Defense armoring system has been field tested and has proven itself to offer maximum protection. The result is a corporate success that comes from rigid insistance on the delivery of a quality product and the commitment to the total protection and the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Labock Technologies

As a Research, Development, and Manufacturing company, Labock Technologies provides unique solutions to a wide range of security and safety problems affecting military, law enforcement, and civilian personnel. Labock Technologies researches and develops new armoring technologies in order to build products capable of responding to the increasing demand for protection against high level threats while improving the specifications and performance attained by traditional technologies.

Saracen International

Manufacturer of the Raptor Mark III armored and armed SUV.

International Armoring Corporation

International Armoring Corporation (IAC) is the premier designer and manufacturer of armored passenger vehicles in the world. IAC was founded in 1993 in Ogden, UT USA with the main objective of producing the finest, most technologically advanced armored passenger vehicles in the world. With the advent of the light weight synthetic armor laminates and molded armor to fit the vehicle rather than modifying the vehicle to fit the armor, IAC quickly moved to the forefront of the industry, setting standards that few have been able to reach.


Centigon is the largest armored vehicle manufacturer and global security systems provider in the world, operating eight manufacturing plants in seven countries worldwide. Centigon's roots date back more than 125 years, where the company first got its start as Sayers & Scoville. The company began to operate as Hess & Eisenhardt in 1942 and became O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt in 1982. Through a series of acquisitions, O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt joined forces with Labbe' (based in Lamballe, France) and Protec SA (based in Bogota, Colombia) in 1998, and opened operations in Mexico in 1995, followed by Brazil in 1996 and Venezuela in 2002. The Company was acquired by Armor Holdings, Inc. in 2001, which went on to acquire TRASCO (based in Bremen, Germany) in 2002. These seven companies came together to form the Mobile Security Division of Armor Holdings. In 2005, the companies within the division were renamed Centigon. After more than a century of continuous innovation, and through a series of strategic acquisitions, Centigon has positioned itself as the undisputed leader in ballistic performance protection for commercial passenger vehicles and CITs around the world. In 2007, BAE Systems acquired Armor Holdings, Inc., which included Centigon.

Resellers of Used Armored Cars

Black Armor

American manufacturer of armored cars

Alpha Armouring

Armored car dealer in Panzerung Germany

Used Armored Vehicles and Cars

Delaware based dealer of used armored delivery vehicles.


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