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Beretta firearms accepted its first customer order on 3 October, 1526 by Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta of Gardone, Italy. This makes Beretta the oldest firearms manufacturer in the world.

Beretta is owned by Beretta Holding S.p.A., which also owns Benelli, Franchi, Stoeger, Sako, Tikka, and Uberti Aldo & Company (a.k.a. Cimarron Arms).

Articles on Beretta Pistols

Target lite: the Beretta 87 Target is a sleek, flat, smooth to run and sweet to shoot, elegant little .22 pistol

The Beretta 87 Target is a heckuva gun. It's roughly twice the price of a comparably equipped Neos, the "plastic" Beretta .22, but I think it's more than twice the gun. Far more accurate, more "shootable" in many respects, and with vastly more of the old-world artistry in metal that has made q-u-a-l-i-t-y an optional spelling for B-e-r-e-t-t-a. Heck, I bought it, didn't I?

21st century plinker: Beretta Neos U-22

Taking this hint, Beretta recently joined the ranks of major gun manufacturers who offer a simple target pistol chambered for the .22 LR, ideal for beginners and actually, even experts. The U-22 Neos is the inspired result of combining top-notch Beretta reliability with the artistic and practical talent of the Italian Giuguiro design firm. And, you can see it in the compelling, out-of-the-ordinary design of this pistol.

In the time of Billennium: is Beretta's latest special occasion handgun as cool as it looks?

Beretta has built steel frame pistols before. Beretta has built single action semiautomatic pistols before. Beretta has built fancy guns before, some of them strikingly beautiful. All of these concepts come together in their latest, the Billennium.

Accurate Plating and Weaponry custom Beretta M92: This AP&W Beretta is proof positive that the 1911 is not the only service pistol fit for fine custom work

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be carrying a Beretta M92 on a daily basis, I would have chuckled. Nevertheless, the good qualities of the Beretta, both before and after custom work, are not easily dismissed. As a fighting handgun, the Beretta makes the grade. With a few improvements from Accurate Plating and Weaponry, it is a superb choice.

Beretta's Fabulous .40's

The racy, new Model 9000 is just the latest in a long line of respectable mid-caliber pistols from the biggest name in Italy. When a cartridge becomes popular, big gun companies don't just chamber one handgun for it.

Articles on Beretta Shotguns

Franchi and Stoeger get Benelli's inertia drive

There are some real pluses to being a gunmaking dynasty. Beretta now owns, among other companies, Benelli, Franchi and Stoeger and has taken the remarkable step of spreading Benelli's inertia drive technology across the other brand lines.

Beretta Firearms Patents

Device for extracting and ejecting a cartridge case in a firearm

Interchangeable rib

Safety device for a breechblock of a firearm

Supplementary safety device for light firearms

Sear mechanism for firearms

Barrel balancing device for collapsible firearms

Butt pad made of composite material for firearms

Extendable end-plate for pistol magazines

Perfected mechanical safety device for light firearms such as semiautomatic rifles

Safety catch for pistols

Gas-flow device for automatic shotguns

Device for setting the stock angle for shotguns

Gas operated shotgun

Semiautomatic rifle with lateral feeding mechanism and ejection from below

Precision device for hand guns

Ten round magazine with fifteen round profile

Method of decorating parts of small firearms and resulting product

Ten round magazine with fifteen round profile

Device for coupling and releasing the trigger mechanism in the bascule of guns

Carrier-suitcase for sports guns their spare parts and equipment for the user

Precision mechanism for handguns

Tripping mechanism for semiautomatic and automatic firearms

Knife blade

Knife with folding gutting hook


Device to open and close the bolt in semiautomatic pistols

Automatic safety device for fire arms

Safety means for the bolt of automatic and semiautomatic pistols

Device for rapidly engaging and disengaging the trigger mechanism in the breech of a gun

Monotrigger mechanism for trapshooting guns

Decocking mechanism for pistol with automatic firing pin safety

Control device for rapid firing particularly automatic weapons

Removable handle with auxiliary sights for transporting automatic rifles

Retaining mechanism for rifle magazines

Gun barrel choke


Lever-type closing device for blocking and unblocking the barrel of automatic portable firearms

Multipositioned two-legged support for portable automatic weapons

Safety device for a pistol

Adjustable legs support for automatic weapons

Safety for an automatic pistol

Pistol with stock extension and auxiliary grip

Means for controlling rapid-fire in an automatic weapon

Double-barrel shotgun

Reversible sliding magazine latch for pistols

Beretta Firearms Manuals

Beretta Pistol Manuals

Series 950

3032 Tomcat


U22 Neos

PX4 Storm


8000 Cougar



87 Target


92 FS CO 2

92 Stock - 92 Combat

.22 LR Practice Kit

89 Standard

Beretta Revolver Manuals


Beretta Shotgun Manuals

A391 Xtrema2

AL391 Urika/AL391 Teknys

Over and Unders - Side by Sides

A391 3.5 Xtrema


UGB25 Xcel

Serie A 303


AL 390

1201 F/1201 FP

Beretta Carbine Manuals

Cx4 Storm

The carabine .22 LR


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