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Colt 1903 redux: some dead horses aren't

Some guns are timeless in design and function. The Colt 1911 is the foremost example, yet I've always thought the Colt 1903 Pocket was too. It hasn't been made since WWII, but Colt did make 572,215 1903 .32s and 138,009 1908 .380s before shelving the design. Although many of these guns are highly desirable collector's items and should be left in their existing state, there are many more rusting away with little or no finish and pitted outer metal still able to perform yeoman duty as a defensive gun.

The Colt 1911 Gunsite Pistol: re-birth of a classic idea

The pistol was to be a fighting tool, and nothing else. Did Colt do that? I think so, and so does Gunsite. In over 500 rounds of .45 loads, fired by three different shooters without cleaning, there was not a bobble, not the slightest hint of malfunction. The pistol was accurate--probably more accurate than was necessary given its mission--and utterly reliable. It's a pistol Colt and Gunsite can be proud of.

Colt's Depp Cover 9mm

Parabellum power in a .380-sized pistol, the new Pocket Nine comes with special tactical features.

Articles on Colt Revolvers

The colt snubbies: once the quintessential cop gun, the "Dick" special still serves

Colt has made many types of revolvers over the years, but the family of small, solid frame, simultaneous ejection swing-out cylinder revolvers known as the Detective Special, the Cobra and the Agent were among the most popular revolvers Colt ever made.

Colt's New Service

By the end of the 1880s, Colt's began a line of Army and Navy double action revolvers that were the first to have swing out cylinders.

Big, bold and beautiful: Colt's New Service: or one man's talent for swiping dad's guns

No other big bore double action six gun has ever intrigued and fascinated my narrow little mind quite like Colt's big New Service revolver. During its 1898 to 1944 production run, its been called everything from raw-boned ugly, to gracefully sexy. As is often the case, the truth lies somewhere in between.

The Colt New Service Border Patrol revolver: an original 'fightin' sixgun

The Coil New Service in .38 Special was personally selected for Border Patrol issue by the late Col. Charles Askins, renowned U.S. Border Patrolman and firearms instructor. Chosen for its robust, heavy duty qualities, the Colt New Service .38 Special was also adopted with fixed sights for the same reason.

For want of a cavalry Colt: one man's quest for a dream-gun

Colt introduced the Single Action Army and its .45 Colt cartridge in 1873 and the U.S. Army accepted it that same year for cavalry service. In fact, the 7th Cavalry's 1874 summer expedition to explore the Black Hills area was delayed until the regiment's new Colt revolvers arrived via railroad from the east. From 1873 until 1892 the Colt SAA .45 was standard issue for U.S. Army horse soldiers, and it actually remained in their hands for some time after the official adoption of a Colt double-action .38 revolver in the early 1890s.

The Single Action Army Colt's legendary Model P

In 1877, the Colt Model P was chambered in .44-40 as a companion piece to the Winchester Model 1873 levergun. About this same time the first Colt Single Action Army with a 43/4-inch barrel was offered. The three standard barrel lengths are known as the Cavalry Model (7 1/2 inch), Artillery Model (5 1/2 inch), and Civilian Model (4 3/4 inch).

Colt model 1849 pocket pistol

Colt's experiences with military contracts had convinced him that his business would have to serve a much larger and more stable market in order to survive and grow. In 1847, he announced plans to produce a revolver of manageable size and simple construction that would be useful to the general public.

Do-It-Yourself Gunsmithing Parts And Accessories For Colt And Ruger Single-Actions

Custom pistolsmiths are doing a thriving business providing a service for those who prefer their sixguns a cut above. Rechamberings are big these days with .44 Magnums becoming .45 Colts, .475 and .500 Linebaughs.

The New Colt Single Action Army

Rumors of its demise are greatly exaggerated -- the greatest sixgun in history is still available from Colt.

Articles on Colt Handgun Ammunition

The Custom Loading .45 Colt

Even though the .45 Colt cartridge will celebrate its 125th anniversary very shortly, it is still our most versatile sixgun cartridge. There are few sixgun cartridges that can best it in any one category, and certainly none can do so as an all-around sixgun cartridge. It simply does it all.

Manuals for Colt Handguns

.22 Caliber Conversion Unit Semi-Automatic Pistol

22 Cal. Conversion Unit Semiautomatic Series 80 Pistol

22 Pistol and Target Model

All American Model 2000

Automatic Caliber .25

Automatic Junior Caliber .25 Pistol

Automatic Pistol Caliber .25 Pocket Model, Hammerless

Automatic Pistol Pocket Model Caliber .32 and .380 Hammerless

Automatic Pistol Pocket Model Caliber .38

Cap and Ball Revolvers

Challenger Automatic Pistol Caliber

Cowboy Single Action Revolver

Detective and Commando Special, Diamondback, Police Positive, Agent, Cobra, Viper

Double Action Revolver

Double Action Series 90 - 380 and 9mm Auto Pistol

Double Eagle

Frontier Scout Buntline '62 and Frontier Scout '62 Revolvers

Gold Cup National Match MKIV-Series 70

Government Model MKIV Series 70-Model O

Government Model MKIV Series 70-Model O1970A1

Huntsman Automatic Pistol

Lawman MK V, Trooper MK V, Peacekeeper

Lawman MK III, Trooper MK III

MKIV Series 80 and 90 Pistol (Government, Combat Commander, Defender, 1991A1, Officers ACP)

MKIV Series 80 Pistol (Gold Cup, Delta Gold Cup)

MKIV Series 80-380 Auto Pistol (Government - Mustang)

New Frontier, New Frontier Buntline


Single Action Army Revolver

Woodsman Automatic Pistol Match Target Heavy Barrel Caliber .22 Long Rifle

Woodsman Automatic Pistol Match Target

Woodsman Automatic Pistol Target-Sport Model

WWI Reproduction Pistol Model M1911

WWII Reproduction Pistol Model M1911A1



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