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CZ-52 (CZ vz.52) pistol and Hi-Point 9mm pistol VS concrete rebarred wall

This was a test to see how a rebarred concrete wall would stand up to small arms fire from the CZ-52 (CZ vz.52) and Hi-Point 9mm. No armor piercing rounds were used. Only copper jacketed rounds were used.


                                                CZ-52 (CZ vz.52)  7.62x25                                                                                  Hi-Point 9mm


                                                                                                                           The wall


It took 500 rounds to pound this hole into the wall. 300 from the CZ-52 and 200 from the Hi-Point 9mm. We started out with the 9mm with limited effect but when we started in with the CZ-52, pieces of concrete were flying everywhere. Once wear was showing we started in with both handguns on a central point in the wall. Once enough rounds hit an area that had a rebar below the concrete in that location, the concrete wall started cracking. Once you notice the cracks in the concrete and concentrate your fire on that central location, the concrete will start blowing out the other side of the wall in pretty large jagged pieces. Not something you want to be on the other side of for sure.

It may not be realistic to fire 500 rounds from a handgun to get through a wall. But this demonstration shows that with enough rounds even from smallarms fire a survival retreat could be in big trouble if enough people with smalls arms really wanted something you have or if the location of your retreat was known at time of crisis.

There were only two of us with handguns and we were able to do this, what could 20 people do with handguns and rifles? This could have been done with a lot less rounds using larger caliber small arms very fast too.

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