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Handguns are the tools of choice for self-defense. Rifles are better for military combat. Shotguns are better for home defense. For self-defense, nothing compares to a good handgun.

Every adult should own and be capable of operating a handgun for their own defense.

The handgun should be at least 9mm (or .38 caliber, if a revolver). The handgun should be small enough for comfortable concealed carry.

You should practice with your handguns to ensure that you can use them competently. You should have a sufficient quantity of ammunition on hand to be able to use these handguns effectively in a conflict.

Visit the Gun Manufacturers page in the Equipment section to review quality gun manufacturers and the Gun Auctions page to see where to buy.


Ruger GP100

Medium-frame double-action revolver.

Ruger SP101

Small-frame double-action revolver.

Smith and Wesson 500

The most powerful revolver in the world.

Browning Hi Power

One of the worlds most successful 9mm handguns.


The standard pistol of the U.S. Armed Forces. The military version of the Beretta 92SB-F.


The compact pistol of the U.S. Armed Forces. The military version of the SigARMS P229.

Rock Island Armory 1911

Get a piece of the rock.


Sig-229: A Utilitarian View

Handgun Manufacturers


Original manufacturer of the 1911 pistol.


Manufacturer of the Ruger GP100 and SP100 revolvers and the Mark series of .22 caliber pistols.


Manufacturer of high-quality revolver and semi-automatic pistols.


Brazilian manufacturer of quality and value-priced handguns.


Manufacturer of top-quality 1911 style handguns

Kahr Arms

Manufacturer of top-quality pocket pistols in 9mm and .40


Manufacturer of ultimate-quality 9mmm pocket pistols

High Standard

Manufacturer of .22 target pistols and 1911-style .45's


Division of High Standard

Browning Firearms

Manufacturer of the Browning Hi-Power.

New England Firearms

Manufacturer of the Lady Ultra.

Beretta Firearms

Manufacturer of high-quality semi-automatic pistols and revolvers.

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