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The woods loafer's gun: Winchester's darling .25-35 WCF is back

Introduced in the Model 94 Winchester in 1895 together with the .30-30 and discontinued in 1952, Winchester's mild-mannered .25-35 is back in the Model 94 line. It's about time, for it's a pleasant little cartridge, easy to shoot, easy on the shoulder, easy to reload and, on the average, the most accurate cartridge ever chambered in a Model 64 or Model 94 Winchester.

Gone but not forgotten: Winchester's 9422 lever action

I was shocked and sorry to learn 9422 production is ending. The 2005 catalog lists a series of tribute models in various degrees of engraving and price range, closing out a 33-year run of one of the finest .22s ever made.

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Model 94 Top Tang Safety

Model 9410 Top Tang Safety

Model 9417 & 9422


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