Gold Mine Survival Retreat: Including Preparation And Funding


As some of our readers know my wife and I have moved to an undisclosed location to begin the process of setting up a survival retreat.


Structures in place include:


1 House (Had to be removed due to lack of care by past owners).


2 One room cabins


2 Old outhouses See Pictures


1 Pump house same size as cabins


1 Powder house (Where they used to keep explosives). VIDEO AVALABLE


1 Large storage trailer


1 Gold ore crusher mill (Large building). PICTURES AND VIDEO AVALABLE


1 Gold mine 60 entrances/mine shafts we know about so far. SEE VIDEOS


1 Thirty two foot RV, which me and my wife are living in temporary. PICTURES AVALABLE


Solar Panel battery charging set up and generator. See pictures and videos


The property is 40 acres in a remote area with a massive amount of old scrap and garbage requiring removal. This included:

Take a video tour around the property during the clean up phase. VIDEO AVALABLE


2 Mining buckets. ( 1 Went as scrap and other is a keeper). SEE PICTURES


43 Old cars and trucks (Went as scrap and gone besides one). PICTURES AVALABLE OR WATCH VIDEOS A BEING REMOVED BY BULLDOZER


19 Old campers/trailers (We have removed them all) SEE VIDEOS


9 Generators, 4 large Kilowatt gens, 5 motor home size(We are going to sell them). PICTURES AVALABLE


11 truck trailers (Caretaker is going to sell them).  PICTURES AVALABLE


4 Large Air compressors (We are going to sell them). PICTURES AVALABLE


7 Snowmobiles (Went as scrap and gone). PICTURES AVALABLE


1 Snow transport mobile (Went as scrap and gone). PICTURES AVALABLE


2 Mining cars (We are going to sell them). PICTURES AVALABLE


2 Boats (We are going to sell them). PICTURES AVALABLE


1 “twenty two bulldozer” (Went as scrap and gone). PICTURES AVALABLE


1 Backhoe (We are keeping it). PICTURES AVALABLE


1 grader (We are keeping it). PICTURES AVALABLE


1 Big tractor pull along roller. (Went as scrap and gone). PICTURES AVALABLE


1 Naval ordnance magnetometer with radar (We are going to sell it).


5 Boat trailers (Caretaker is going to sell them).


7 truck rails (Went as scrap and gone).


20 wood burning stoves (Will be taken away soon). PICTURES AVALABLE


8 diesel tanks including one that was taken off a train car (Went as scrap, gone). SEE VIDEOS


Water pumps (Are being taken apart for copper scrap). PICTURES AVALABLE


Motors (Are being taken apart for copper scrap). PICTURES AVALABLE


11 Water tanks, some large and small. (3 scraped, trailer tanker for sale). PICTURES AVALABLE


Hundreds of Transformers (Are being taken apart for copper scrap). PICTURES AVALABLE


Hundreds of Tires (Few hundred scraped and others will be used for earthbound shelter in the future).


Over 40 mattresses (They were bunt during burning season last year).


1 Klein (Keeping). PICTURES AVALABLE


27 sinks and toilets (Caretaker is going to sell the ones not scraped).


Hundreds of pulleys (Scraped many and keeping good ones). PICTURES AVALABLE


6 “10 ton hoists (We are going to sell them). PICTURES AVALABLE

Hundreds of air and oil filters new in boxes (We are going to sell them and scraped older ones). PICTURES AVALABLE


1 Beer keg (Scrap)


Thousands of light bulbs and flourlessant bulbs (We are going to sell them). PICTURES AVALABLE


Thousands of pipes and fittings of all sizes. (Scraped many, keeping some and selling rest). PICTURES AVALABLE


Thousands of tools axes, hammers pliers, screwdrivers, ect. (Scraped bad ones and kept the good ones). PICTURES AVALABLE


Hundreds of thousands of large and small boxes of screws and nails in boxes and coffee cans. Tons of nuts and bolts, wall sockets and switches. (Have scraped many and are keeping some, selling the rest).


You might be asking why would someone want a property with so much junk on it for a survival retreat. Read on to really find out where the saying “one mans trash is another mans gold” because I am not going to pull any punches by holding back any of the amounts made from the junk in hardcore real dollars.


Furthermore why would you not want a property with such a massive survival structure in place already? Remember also this property has a gold mine on it that has been producing gold from the turn of the entire century. For security reasons I will not give details of the date the mine started, but what I will tell you is that it is older then any known living person. Read on to get an idea of all the possibilities and what is happening.


First off lets start out with the clean up.


My dad has had a caretaker (A family friend A.K.A. Robert) dealing with the clean up for the past year. The process has not been easy for many reasons. The main one being that we had to wait a year for the pervious owners to remove what items they wanted to keep from the back 20 acres and have only been able to clean up the front 20 acres.


Since there is a large amount of just about everything all over the place here, this created the problem of needing to go through most of the items and explore the property.


Then there were the deciding factors of what to keep, what to get rid of, and what to scrap and what to sell off. Pretty much what was decided came down to if we can use it “then keep it”, can we use it in the future in time of crisis “then keep it”, can we sell it or trade it “then keep it”.


You really have to think into the future of what possible crisis could arise and will this item be usual. Include the possible social aspects involved in a crisis, like think of all the friends you will make if you have a extra Jenny (A.K.A. generator) or two that can power a small town. An item like that could dismiss a angry group or even a mob people in a major crisis instantly. Or what if it comes down to hardcore bartering in a crisis were a few extra items may save you or your family from a early demise if the you can’t reach a agreement with the other party.  Remember that having something to barter with can get you out of trouble as fast as you have gotten into it in most cases and if you can solve a good part or all of crisis for a group of people that could possibly cause you or your family harm then you defuse the situation or even buy you a great deal of time before you have to deal with them again.


Another added issue was the fact that this property does have a working gold mine on it and a gold ore crusher mill. This created a need to make sure that there were no dangers left from operations in the past. This included the possibility of there being explosives around the property. There might have been left over cyanide (used to extract microscopic gold from crushed gold ore) or large amounts of liquid mercury, which is also used to extract smaller gold.


More elements to the situation included we did not know the location of the mineshafts throughout the property and needed to be discover them for safety and security reasons.


I have been working on this story over a month now since it keeps taking new twists and turns day by day and I have to keep adding details or expanding the entire scope of it. The amount of mine entrances and shafts that we know about now has topped 60 thats including ones that no longer have direct access to mine.


The mine is in the process of being opened to allow processing of gold ore. We are exploring the tunnels and shafts for storing goods and equipment. This is a delicate process, since we have to make sure the walls are structurally safe and selecting our storage areas. And also selecting our in mine survive retreat areas for safety and protection. Really now we have the option of hiding entire trucks from view and even having a entire retreat underground with our surface retreat.


It also helps that within a few months we will be set up for processing ore, which is going to be another source of income on top of all this for my dad.


I have tried to include as many pictures as possible where it would not compromise our security. And this is taking a great deal of time by itself since I have collected over 1100 photos and videos and just trying to structure them on web pages is very time consuming.


The scrappers have come and gone cleaning the place up pretty good and my dad is smiling all the way to the bank with a $9,100 check from just the scrap steel they have taken away. Not bad considering that we wanted most of this stuff off the property. What the scrappers do is tear it all down load it on trucks and haul it all off for you then you get a check for it. My dad thought he was going to have to pay to get the trash taken off. Last year it cost him an arm and leg to have a bunch of the trailers removed, this included hiring people we trusted and renting trailer truck bins to put it in then to be hauled off. 


Why pay to have the work done when scrap steel is going for $240.00 a ton here and the scrapping companies will pay you $75.00 a ton and they will do all the work of getting it out for you. I don’t think that is a bad deal. They make money and you make money and they take the garage you want to get rid of. So it’s a win win situation.


The scrappers made a great deal more from it since their take after paying off my dad was $31,000. This opens up some great possibilities towards funding for a survival retreat if you took the steel in yourself.


If you have a semi trailer or a large truck you can make some serious money that you could put back into the retreat or just hide away. Just by taking in your scrap steel to the scrap buyer. Look around your area and ask around who gives the best price for steel or look it up on the web.


The saying is true one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.


Before the scrappers came we were pulling out anything that had copper in it on the retreat since we figured that it might be worth while to turn that it ourselves since copper is going for $4.00 a pound and we have a lot of it here. We are talking about wire from the old trailers, copper piping, transformers, wire in water pumps and motors. The caretaker has all ready taken in a load of copper wire that he burnt the rubber off in a fire and he received over $970.00 for the little bit he turned in. (My personal option here) Before you try and burn the rubber off the wire, please make sure to check with you scrapping or recycling outfit before burning it because some places refuse to take it or they will give you a lot less for the copper since it is burnt. It is a pain in the but stripping wire all the way to copper. But I have found a easy way with a splice tool I made and I will make a you tube video in the future about how to make one. So keep a eye on our youtube page http://www.youtube.com/survivalebooks.


I have included some pictures below of some transformers, motors, water pumps being stripped down and a few pictures of the large amount of wire we were able to get out from the steel scrap before it went. Those are included below.


Hundreds of Transformers (Are being taken apart for copper scrap). PICTURES AVALABLE


Water pumps and wire (Are being taken apart for copper scrap). PICTURES AVALABLE


Motors and wire (Are being taken apart for copper scrap). PICTURES AVALABLE


It is not really hard to figure out how to peel transformers and take apart the frozen motors to get at the copper wire, but it takes some work to do it and you need a sledgehammer, wire cutters, and a screwdriver. So the average reader understands I learned to do this all on the fly (by trait I am a computer systems engineer and mostly build websites). So I just did what worked best to get the copper out. A piece of advice is get a good pair of gloves since wire will tend to cut up your hands after you cut it and peel it away.


I have gotten out over 350 pounds copper so far, not including the all the copper piping I stripped from the old trailers, that is not bad money for the work.


Here is some news on the Underground Structure Of the Gold Mine Survival Retreat


The next steps we are taking at this moment with the gold mine survival retreat is to seal the mineshafts we don’t need with concrete then putting over a layer of dirt and so we can plant natural brush that will blend then into the environment. Some of this includes caving in some old tunnels on purpose. We are not just dismissing the tunnels use some are storage being craved in at a certain areas to create storage areas that we don’t not want connected to the main underground level of the survival retreat. We don’t want all of our stored goods placed in one area just in case of discovery. By having more then one tunnel for storing goods add more security to the retreat and our piece of mind. So security reasons I will not go into how many of these storage areas we are creating or what kind of entrance system we are using to conceal them. In other we are not putting our eggs all in one basket.


We have decided on incorporating a electronic alarm system for the storage areas by using thick steels pipes to protect the wiring in side, because we are collapsing a great amount of rock/dirt on these steel pipes and want the wires to be protected during this process. We have caved in one of the tunnels using this method with no loss of connectivity from either side.


There was also some thought put into the possibility of flooding in the underground structure of the survival retreat, so for just a precaution we are setting up three very large water pumps, that will pump out through a number of locations. Mainly just in case of rains or snow melting down to fast. Plus this adds a amount security in case one of the entrances is discovered and someone might try to drown us out using water if we are inside the underground survival retreat structure. This is not very likely to happen since it would take a small lake to fill up the underground survival retreat. Just so you get a idea of how much water it would take see the SEE VIDEOS of one of the entrances.


This writing about our survival retreat is starting to become extremely large so I am going to have to update it in sections in the future because there is too much to write still and plus it is a major ongoing project.




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Gold Mine Survival Retreat: Including Preparation And Funding